Want to unsubscribe? That’s a shame!

To unsubscribe as a member of SKC, you must fill out the official withdrawal form. This can be found by clicking here. The form can also be obtained by emailing the secretary (secretaris@skcvolleybal.nl) about your wish to unsubscribe.

The official deadline for cost-free withdrawal for the next season is May 31 in the current season. This deadline is announced via SKC’s various channels, including the front page of the website, the General Email sent to all members, and the closed Facebook group. After this date, there is a penalty of 20 euros for late withdrawal. For a withdrawal after September 1, the member owes the full amount for the contribution to SKC.*

*as decided by the General Members Meeting and included in the meeting’s decision list (found on the Documents page).

After filling out this form, you will receive a confirmation of your withdrawal from the secretary (secretaris@skcvolleybal.nl). Only after this confirmation will your withdrawal be official.

Want to change your membership? Then send an email to the secretary (secretaris@skcvolleybal.nl).