In the ’23-’24 season, SKC has 24 teams, 15 ladies teams and 9 gents teams.

SKC D1 plays in the promotion class. SKC D2, SKC D3 and SKC D4 play in the 1st class. SKC D5, SKC D6 and SKC D7 play in the 2nd class. Furthermore, SKC D8 , SKC D9 and SKC D10, SKC D11 and SKC D12 are playing in the 3rd class. In addition, SKC D13, SKC D14 and SKC D15 play in the 4th class.

Our top gents team SKC H1 is playing in the 3th division and SKC H2 and SKC H3 are playing in the 1st class. SKC H4 plays in the 2nd class. SKC H5 and SKC H6 play in the 3rd class. SKC H7, SKC H8 and SKC H9 play in the 4th class.

All teams have practise on monday, tuesday and/or wednesday between 17:00-23:00 at the USC. Check the trainingschedule here.

If you want to coach one of these teams and want to know if the schedule overlaps with them, take a look at the CoachCalculator.

Trainingschedule 2023-2024

Dames = Ladies & Heren = Gents