We need referees to be able to play matches. At SKC, each competition member is expected to fulfill so-called team tasks. At the beginning of the season, these are distributed per team. Then the team passes on the division of team tasks within the team to the teamtakencoördinator. It is the task of the teamtakencoördinator to divide the turns as fairly as possible.

Various team tasks are possible. These are referee’s, score keeping matches, running bar service, being an emergency response officer and performing a hall duty. In this way, SKC can organize competitions and events with the help of volunteers! In the current team task schedule you can find when you are assigned for your team task. Click here for the teamtasks schedule (you have to be loged in). For questions about team tasks, you can email teamtakenco@skcvolleybal.nl

and the teamtasks schedule 2022-2023


Referees ensure that the matches are fair. Every game needs a referee. As a referee you ensure that the rules of the game are observed and you ensure that the warm-up runs smoothly. You are therefore present half an hour before the start of the match. If you are a new referee, you will get a whistle from SKC. A referee course is offered to practice and learn the rules of the game.

There are different levels of referees within SKC. If you have passed the online game rules test via Volleybalmasterz.nl , you have a V6 license and you can referee matches in the 3rd class and 4th class. After a V4 course you can also referee the 2nd and 3rd class. As 2nd referee you whistle along with promotion class matches and as VS3 you are regional referee. Then you whistle matches in the promotion class and 3rd division in the entire region.

Within SKC you are assigned as a referee at your own level. You can also specify your preferences via the referee survey. If you want to repeat the rules of the game before your referee, the PowerPoint of the referee course and the referee’s aid can be found on this website under the heading ‘Documents‘ for additional explanation. During the games, there are always board members present to help.


The counters are also very important for the matches. As a counter, the two of you sit at the counting table and keep track of the points of the playing teams. SKC also works with the Digital Competition Form (DWF). This is an online form where all points must be filled in, but also, among other things, the team formations and the substitutions. The counters are therefore expected to be present fifteen minutes before the start of the game. Explanations on how to use DWF can be found in the DWF help. This can be found on the website under the heading ‘Documents‘. The DWF help is also on the counting table during the counting. Also, there are always board members present during the games to help with the counting.

Bar members

SKC takes over the bar at USC on match nights and some events, such as the night tournament. Our bar members then stand behind the bar to tap pitchers and bake fries for the members. To be allowed to serve alcohol but you have to make an e-learning and get a certificate. Before your first shift, you will be given a tour to find out where everything is. The emergency response officer has the task of coordinating the bar, so he/she is always present to help in addition to the board.

Emergency response (BHV)

If SKC takes over the USC during competition evenings and events, the emergency response officer is the point of contact. The emergency response officer coordinates the bar. He or she also ensures that the USC is left tidy and that it is closed according to protocol. During incidents, the emergency response officer comes to the rescue. For example, the emergency response officer must be able to provide first aid, extinguish fires and evacuate the building in case of emergency.

For this you will receive training to become an emergency response officer and refresher courses must be followed every year. You have been an emergency response officer at SKC for at least two years. In addition to the training sessions, you will also be given a tour of the USC. During your shift you will receive a consumption voucher with which you can get a free drink. You are not allowed to consume alcohol during your emergency response service.

Hall duty

Hall Duty has two shifts. The first hall attendant is present half an hour before the warming up and ensures that everything is ready to play the match. This includes setting up nets and counting balls, but also setting up referee chairs and counting tables. The second guard shift is at the end of the evening when all matches are over. Then everything is cleaned up and stored where it belongs. The balls are then counted again. You do room watch with your entire team and is also assigned by the team tasks coordinator. There is a hall watch instruction video available through this link.

Teamtasks schedule

From now on, the teamtasks schedule will be sent via e-mail. These are the teamtasks e-mails that were sent in the season 2022-2023:

Teamtasks until 15 april (4 january 2023)

Teamtasks until 16 december (5 october 2022)