How much time do I spend on SKC on average?
Our members are expected to be present at practice together with their team (every week 1,5 hours, only the three highest women’s and men’s teams practice 2x 1,5 hours per week) and their competition games (about 3 hours every week). It is also expected that members will perform a number of team tasks throughout the year so that SKC keeps running. Think for example of bar services, counting and refereeing. In addition, outside these fixed moments, our members can opt to attend the competition evenings at the USC, drinks and the parties and other activities that are organized.

Where and when are the practices and competition games?
Our practices all take place at the University Sports Centre of Leiden University, Einsteinweg 6, 2333 CC Leiden. There is practice on Monday evening, Tuesday evening and Wednesday evening for different teams, with most teams having practice on Tuesday evening. The different practice times are from 18.30 – 20.00, 20.00 – 21.30 or 21.30 – 23.00. 

Home games also take place at the University Sports Centre of Leiden University. The away games are played at different venues in the larger region of Leiden and The Hague. Most venues are easily accessible by public transport. As SKC participates in the regular Nevobo competition, the games are often on Friday evening or possibly during the day on Saturday.

What is the competition attire?
SKC’s competition attire consists of the official SKC competition shirt, black shorts, sports shoes and possibly socks and kneepads. The competition shirt can be purchased from the Board at the beginning of the season and is mandatory for all playing members.

Can I also sign up at SKC if I have never played volleyball before?
That is absolutely possible! At SKC we have teams that compete at beginners level up to and including the promotion class. SKC has 15 women’s teams and 9 men’s teams in the season ’21-’22. At SKC we always make space for at least one women’s team for beginners and one men’s team for beginners. 

Furthermore, SKC D1 plays in the promotion class. SKC D2 and SKC D3 are playing in the 1st class. SKC D4, SKC D5 and SKC D6 get along well in the 2nd class. Furthermore, there will be three SKC lady teams in the 3rd class. The other six lady teams will play in the 4th class. 

Our highest two men’s teams SKC H1 and SKC H2 are playing in the promotion class this season. SKC H3 is playing 2nd class this year and SKC H4 and SKC H5 will compete in the 3rd class. SKC H6, SKC H7, SKC H8 and SKC H9 play in the 4th class.