SKC works with a selection period for new members. After the annual EL CID introduction week, three weeks of selection practices will take place. For these practices you can register online or in the EL CID. These practices are open to everyone who is interested in joining SKC volleyball. During these practices you can experience what it’s like to play volleyball (at SKC) and you can show the Technical Committee (TC) what your level is. Based on these practices, the TC will assign you to the right team. In order to be eligible for a membership you need to register with the SKC board before the end of the third week (Please note: this does not mean that you are already a member of SKC, but only shows that you want to become a member). Because there is only a limited number of places available for members at SKC, unfortunately we cannot offer a place at SKC to all those who are interested. Presence and motivation therefore play an important role during the selection period. 

SKC invites potential new members at two moments during the season. The first period is the selection period described above after the EL CID. Should there be any open spots during the season, people who are interested will be invited after the winter break in January to fill these spots.

There are different types of memberships possible at SKC:

  • Full year competition €86,-, including practices and competitions
  • Half year competition €56, half year (sept-dec, jan-apr) practices and competitions
  • Practice member €56,-, full year practice
  • Association member €20, access to parties and other activities of SKC

As a member of SKC, you need an annual subscription at the University Sports Centre. Information about this can be found on the website of USC Leiden or via this link.

It is not possible to become a beach volleyball member only. SKC is an indoor volleyball club. As an extra, we do offer our members beach volleyball training and an internal beach competition after the regular indoor competition is over (so, beach volleyball from May to early July). There is no separate membership for this. To participate in these training sessions, you must first be admitted as an SKC member. You can however book beach fields freely to play beach volleyball on if you have a USC subscription. These beach fields are available for anyone with such a subscription.