At the beginning of 1969, a number of SSR members, Jan Mulder, Cor van Viegen, Henk Blok and Jan van Walbeek, wanted to play sports next to their studies. All had played volleyball in high school and so the choice fell on this sport. Although there was already a student volleyball association called LUSV Volleybal, the SSR members wanted something different and unique. Contact was made with the Kweekschool (now the PABO), which had a sports hall. A number of students of the Kweekschool also wanted to play volleyball, and so on September 1, 1969 SKC was founded: SSR Kweekschool Combinatie. However, the cultural differences between the students and pupils turned out to be very large, and the collaboration with the Kweekschool already came to an end in 1971, when the university sports hall was completed, where HBO students were not allowed at the time, and people started training there.

The association is growing in it’s early years; Soon more gent’s teams were added and in 1974 a woman’s team was created. More and more non-SSR members register with the association and in 1975 the ties with SSR are let go. At the end of the 1970s, the association had five men’s teams and four women’s teams. However, the level remained around the 2nd/3rd class. In these years, SKC is the little brother of the larger and higher playing LUSV, which has a team in both the transition class (promotion class nowadays) and the first class, and later they even play in the second division. There are a number of talks about a merger, but no concrete steps are taken. In the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s, competition with LUSV remained fierce. Both associations are aware that a beginning student can choose from two volleyball associations, and do their utmost to put their association on the map as well as possible. Merger proposals are occasionally made and a Merger Committee itself is set up in 1987 and 2004, but it never gets off the ground. Both associations indicate that they do not want to grow any further and that they want to maintain their own association atmosphere. However, LUSV is struggling with problems and eventually dissolves on May 11, 2005 by GMM. The former LUSV’ers who want to continue with volleyball, join SKC.

A fun and festive atmosthere has always played a major role at SKC. There has been a lot of partying and drinking from the start. In the first years, the borrels took place at sailing club De Blauwe Schuit. The first “stamkroeg” was De Drie Haringen. Later, De Twee Spieghels, Cheers, De Sponge and Huis de Bijlen all had he pleasure of welcoming SKC’ers at some point. In recent years there has been drinks in café De Kroeg, and from the 2016-2017 season De Keyzer is the place SKC’ers go to, to have fun with their friends.

At the moment, SKC is still a thriving association, where volleyball and “gezelligheid” are one of the most important things.