Courses at SKC

Every year several courses are given at SKC so all players are aware of the volleyball rules and have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of volleyball. SKC also strives for all referees to set a high standard. The courses are organized by the Cursus Coördinatiecommissie (CuCo), with annually recurring: beginners instruction, referee course and the volleyball theory meeting.

Further down this page there is more information about becoming a referee, but in short:

Referee training

After you have passed the online test on, you will receive a V6 license. Then you may referee games in the 3rd class and in lower levels. This may come with some difficulties. You will need sufficient knowledge of the game and the rules. It may also be quite scary to make decisions in front of a group, while under pressure. SKC offers training for (starting) referees to help them out. If you already have experience as a referee and are having any difficulties, you are very welcome as well!

During the course you will learn more about the game rules, the procedures of a match and your role as a referee. You will get some tips and tricks from experienced referees. We will also have a little bit of practice.

V4 Skills Training

For members who would like to referee at a higher level (1st class and lower), there is the V4 Skills Training. This training focuses on practical situations. Various match scenarios will be discussed. SKC also organizes this training.

Club Referee 3 and 4

If you would like to grow as a referee and would like to referee in games higher than 1st class level, you can start a programme at the Dutch Volleyball Federation (Nevobo). You can become a Club Referee 3 (VS3) or even a Club Referee 4 (VS4). More information can be found at

Beginners’ Instruction

At the start of the season, the CuCo holds a beginners’ instruction. In this instruction, you’ll learn about the essential rules of volleyball, the practicalities of a volleyball match, and how the Dutch competition is set up. Furthermore, you’re told what is expected of you as a member of SKC: we explain what teamtaken (team tasks) are and how you can do them properly. In short, this course teaches you everything you need to know to get started at SKC!

The beginners’ instruction is mandatory for new members who are just starting with volleyball, but all new members are welcome to join. Usually, the course is held during the TC tournament, so that the “beginners’ teams” (Ladies 15 and Gents 9) can immediately use their new knowledge in practice at their TC match.

New members for whom the beginners’ instruction is mandatory are notified of this by email. This course will be given in English if there are (non-Dutch speaking) internationals present.

For any further questions you can send an email to or to

The VT2 course

The VT2 course is a course offered by the Nevobo for trainers. The course is suitable for both beginning and experienced trainers. You will learn in this course how to best build and execute a volleyball training. The course is given in an interactive way, so during the course you already gain experience with the material you will be taught. You bring your own practical experience to the course, which you then discuss during the meetings. The meetings have different focus points, so that almost every aspect of volleyball is covered. For example, the warm-up, service, offense, defense and game systems are covered?.  

As SKC, we benefit enormously from trainers who have been trained, since the level of training will increase in this way, allowing all members to grow in terms of volleyball level. There will be an exam after a number of meetings, after which you will receive an official diploma. This is a VT2 license. There was a VT2 course held at SKC in the year 2021-2022.