As SKC we want to show a coherent image to the outside world. A balance between professional and informal is important. To realize this, a corporate identity has been compiled.

On this page you will find information such as logos, fonts, the correct green color and much more. The precise application of this corporate identity is mainly important for the PromoCie, AcCie and the board*, but it is also good for the other committees to take a look at it!

For more information and help with the corporate identity, a document was created, you can find it here. *The instagram account of SKC uses this corporate identity, but it’s a bit more specific. If you want to post something here, please contact the board.

SKC green

There are many beautiful shades of green, and it is difficult to say exactly what SKC green is. Printers and printers also sometimes make it into something different. If you want to make something SKC green, it is still useful to adhere to the following guidelines.

There are several ways to define a color. For printed matter you use CMYK, for screen work (images for websites) you use RGB and (background) colors are indicated in HTML in hexadecimals (HEX)

  • CMYK: C86%, M0%, Y72%, K60%
  • RGB: R14, G103, B29
  • HEX: #0e671d 

You can also make the green color lighter by adjusting the transparency!

SKC logo

The SKC logo has been renewed in 2019 and we now use it on our website, team shirts, all posters and in many more places. Do you also want to use these for committee shirts or team shirts, for example? Then read on quickly!

  • Want to download the SKC logo in green on a white background? Click here.
  • The green logo without background can be downloaded here.
  • Rather use a white SKC logo? You can download it here without a background.

When promoting activities at the USC, it is also the intention to add the logo of the university!

  • The logo of Leiden University can be downloaded here.

Need more applications or do you want to adjust the logo? Please send an email to 

How to use SKC corporate identity (huisstijl)

To apply the corporate identity in, for example, posters or social media posts, you can use a number of things:

  • The SKC green
  • Tilted green lines/boxes
  • For titles: the font Bebas Neue
  • Optional for texts: the font Open Sans or Arial

Some examples:

This page is still being updated!

Do you have a question or remark? Send an email to of