TreasurerJasper van der
Competition CoordinatorJolein
Team Task CoordinatorDominique
Commision CoordinatorSam

Marijne Moerland

Hello all,

I am Marijne and will be your chair this year! The board year itself came a bit spontaneously to me, but I have already been in many fun committees, such as the BeachCie, IntegraCie, BataCie and AcquisiCie.

Playing volleyball, I’m actually not very good at that at all, which is why I’ve been dangling at the bottom of ladies low for a few years now. But how fun is that? A chair of a volleyball club who can’t play volleyball at all?

In my daily life, I am the babysitter of the two sweetest girls in Leiden and spend the rest of my time studying. I started my master’s in Crisis and Security Management last February, with the specialization in Cybersecurity Governance. My faculty is also in The Hague, so I can often be found at the train station (provided I even go to my colleges).

I am really looking forward to the coming year and I hope you are too. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, want to raise something with me or just want to chat!

Love, Marijne

Jonathan IJbema

Dear members of SKC,

Even though I only took my first steps at SKC last year, I already feel completely at home. In my first year, I was a proud member of the EJCie🤌. As the faithful photographer for the PaparazCie, I’ve had the opportunity to take several photos at an LBA. Now, I’m looking forward to embarking on new adventures and challenges within our association.

Besides my time at SKC, I study artificial intelligence at Leiden University. I work in Rotterdam and, in addition, I try to keep a bicycle repair business running in The Hague.

I’m happy to be part of the board and I’m excited to experience a fantastic volleyball season with them and all of you. I can’t wait to get to know each one of you better!

See you soon!

With love, Jonathan

Member B54 ‘Met de Winst in de Zeilen’

Jasper van der Zwet

Hi hi,
I’m Jasper, the new person with the bank card. I study mathematics and computer science, so hopefully I can at least be trusted with numbers.
I am very bad at doing nothing, so my week is always crammed with study, work, volleyball and now board and TC. From last year you may also know me as the AcCie’s pennie.
I am also very fanatical, since I started in the C youth at Leython. After a year at VCO and back to Leython, I joined SKC 2 years ago. Here I am still having a great time, as you might have noticed from my board position.
I am really looking forward to the new season and I hope you are too! See you in the hall.

Jolein Kruijt

Hello everyone, it is now my turn to introduce myself to you. I am Jolein Kruijt the match secretary of board 54. This will be my third year at SKC, having previously played at Aspasia. Last year I was involved in several committees, and now board work awaits as my challenge for the coming year.
Once I get the training schedule finished and all the games scheduled, we can get back to enjoying the wonderful sport we all love so much. If you have any questions or just want to chat, don’t hesitate to reach out to me or contact me online. I am looking forward to the upcoming season to see everyone playing great volleyball again!
Jolein Kruijt

Dominique Boormans

Hello dear members! You have already met 4 other board members, and now it’s finally my turn! My name is Dominique and I am your team duties coordinator this year.
Last year, I started playing volleyball in ladies 15. I walked around as the grandmother of the group, since I am already 26 years old. I had never touched a ball before, but from the first moment I joined SKC I felt right at home. I especially like the stands and I like to encourage the other teams. Furthermore, I am still a newbie; I do not know all the members yet and, therefore, I find it very nice to get to know even more members this year.
In addition to being your board, I also have another life (for now). I study Law and my free time is filled with books, board games and my dog, Henkie.
I am looking forward to the things I will learn, the competitions, the extra pounds and the fun! We will make it a great year together anyway.
Love, Dominique

Sam Stokx

Howdy ho!
You can’t always throw six, but today you did. Board 54 would not be complete without its Committee Coordinator and luckily for you, that’s me! As the longest SKC board member, I have seen many boards come and go and so too felt it was time to take up a board function. Many will already know my face, because I never turn down a proper SKC party. Besides partying (at the fun activities of the Uit Je DacCie last year), you can also regularly find me in a volleyball outfit. Either while playing in ladies 5 last year, or giving training or coaching ladies 10. In all my years of SKC, I have also done many a committee. For a reference list, be sure to give me a call, however I can’t promise that once I’ve begone talking I’ll ever stop talking about committees ;).
Last summer I also officially obtained my bachelor’s degree in Molecular Science and Technology. Over the next few years, I want to have absolutely nothing to do with either science or technology, so I decided on a year on the board. If you see me in real life, I am probably working at Holle Bolle Gijs or sitting directly across from it in In De Oude Marepoort, better known as the MaPo.
In any case, I am very much looking forward to next season and hope to get you all so excited to do a committee.
With an overly happy grin, Sammie