The SKC reunion membership was created in the Semi-annual General Members’ Meeting (HALV) of 1 February 2018. The main reason for this is to have all XKC members meet annually and to be informed about the changes of the association. We do this by organizing a reunion drink and sending an annual newsletter.

What do you get?

  • at least one newsletter with updates from SKC
  • an annual reunion drink that is funded by the money for reunionship
  • an invitation to the Super Saturday(s)
  • invitations to special events, such as the lustrum

Sign up and costs
Would you like to become a reunionist of SKC? Then sign up via this Google Form: You will receive a confirmation email from our secretary when the form has been completed.

For the reunion we ask an annual contribution of 5 euros. This is used for the reunion drinks. The contribution for the reunion membership can be transferred manually to NL21 RABO 0346 0136 15 in the name of SKC Volleyball. You can also choose to fill in an authorization for a direct debit as a reunion, then the treasurer can debit the amount automatically. The direct debit form will be sent by the secretary with the confirmation of your reunion.

For questions you can always email to: