How do I know what activities will take place?
Activities organised by SKC can be found in multiple ways. First of all, SKC makes use of a Google Calendar, which can be found on the website and that you can link to your own online agenda. At the beginning of the year, the Board will also hand out tickets with a brief overview of the activities for the coming year. Activities are also announced through the various social media channels, such as our Facebook group, the General Mail and Instagram. So keep an eye on them to stay up to date.

How do I pay for activities?
At the beginning of each season, new members are required to fill out a form for a direct debit. This allows SKC to withdraw money for your membership, official SKC game shirt and things such as activities after this has been clearly announced. The treasurer will keep track of who signs up for and participates in an activity. The treasurer will then charge the costs for the activity via a direct debit from your account. Occasionally, you will have to pay by card at the start of an activity.

How do I sign up for a committee?
Committees can be found on the website or via messages on the social media channels of SKC. If you are interested in becoming part of a committee you can email to the committee coordinator,