Contribution 2022-2023

SKC also has to get money from somewhere to continue to make everything we do possible. This is done by means of a (semi) annual contribution (*). As a competition-playing member you play in the Nevobo competition with a team in which you are assigned that year. SKC pays team fees and your Nevobo contribution for this. As a training member you only train with a team and you do not play a competition. Money is also invested in the events that SKC organizes every year. As a member, we can all benefit from this, which also makes SKC a social association.

Information and agreements about the contribution

Member all year round:€86,00
Membership for the first half of the year:€56,00
Member for the second half of the year:€56,00
Training member:€56,00
Association member:€20,00 

SKC works with a direct debit to collect the contribution. This means that the amount will be debited from your account at the end of October.

Everyone who is new this season (2022-2023) and who plays competition should purchase their own competition shirt. It is also possible to purchase matching competition shorts. For women there is also the option to purchase a pair of high socks. The costs for the shirt and any pants and socks will be collected by direct debit.

In addition to the contribution to SKC, you need a sports card from the University Sports Center to train. Information about the sports card and costs can be found on the website of the USC: