Going ‘Uit je Dak’ for a year, that’s what we were promised in August, when a group of 7 enthusiastic SKC people came together to organize the coolest events. And it worked! They kicked off with the intro tournament, then quickly to ‘hutspot eten’ and of course the TPF! The first LBA with personal poems, the gala and in January the ‘oliebollen tournament’ where they raised a nice amount for charity. The same for the Valentine’s promotion in February! However, the parties did not stop at USC. In March, we partied through the roof in the Next during the ballenfeest, and in May in Utrecht with the interassociation party! In between we also enjoyed Barbies and Bodybuilders with the BZT and we partied until the early hours at the USC during the end party. What a year it has been and how much we enjoyed it! Dear Laurianne, Sam, Jasper, Sara, Isabel, Colin and Charlotte, you have put together a whole series of top events that you can be proud of! Thank you very much for your efforts last year!

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